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Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 is good for all kind of disk partitioning
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A partition manager is an unavoidable tool for an administrator or power user. Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 is a very good partition manager considering its capabilities. It has all the components / functions required for a partition manager.

It gives a wizard like interface when the program starts and we can select whether we need to Resize a Partition, Delete a Partition, set the boot parameters of the system, etc. We can also select the "Advanced Partitioning and Hard Disk Management Tool" which is the real program, with all its capabilities.

The Tool / Program provide the interface which is similar to our good old "Partition Magic". Basic partitioning tasks like creating, formatting and deleting the partition to advanced partitioning tasks like merging partitions, redistributing free space, undeleting partition, installing new operating system etc are available.

Backup tools and copy tasks and be used to backup or copy some folders and files or an entire volume or disk to another one.

We can convert Fat or Fat32 to NTFS and in the reverse manner without losing any files.

All the operations can be previewed at first and only after you click "Apply", will the program apply all the modifications in the order you had done.

One major problem with the program is the lack of some technique or, the software uses unorthodox partitioning operations! Consider a situation where you have 4 volumes c, e, f, g with many GBs of data and need to resize f and e to get the space for c. Well, it is really easy to do with the program. But it doesn't move the data intelligently to minimize disk usage. It moves them in a sequential order which takes a long time to complete. We cannot stop the operation in the middle (for example in a power failure and you are running out of battery) since it is very unsafe (at least for this program) and you cannot access the disk or the data is lost. This is the only problem that makes it inferior to partition magic. But Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 supports Windows Vista which unlike partition magic (latest version 8.0).

Many other advanced features make it a really good program of its kind.

Zack Martin
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  • Many features
  • Easy to use
  • Wizard interface is available
  • Preview all operations
  • Defragment partition and MFT (in NTFS)
  • Works with Vista
  • Help on all topics


  • Very Slow operations
  • Can't search Help
  • Unsafe!
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